Maybe the long way, between the inky blackness of the subterranean New York City Subway system and the soaring peaks of the snow-capped Himalayas, lies the fabled Ostergaard family cottage.

Nestled by the famously rejuvenating waters of the shallowest and most precious of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie, the family compound is awash in rustic elegance and natural beauty.

The ancient structure stands as a monument to another age, back in time, a simpler day, before TV or microwave ovens, or dishwashers, or spam filters, smartphones, WiFi, or talking GPS–when plumbing was a luxury, reserved for the few, on special occasions.

That elusive tumble-down cottage offers near-mystical renewal and rejuvenation properties for those few fortunate enough to find the secret, hidden location, far, far off the beaten path.  For those that do, Sisyphean yard work in conditions approaching squalor awaits. Happy vacation.

Back when the Pharaohs ruled over ancient Egypt, they built pyramids to memorialize their family greatness. Well, this one is a summer cottage, made of wood. You get the idea. This is their blog.

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